my boyfriend's mom treats him like her husband

Thats why you can also focus on what you want from your boyfriend and the practical changes you need to feel happier in the relationship. You shouldnt start by saying something too blunt like You and your mom are codependent. Either she is a hot mess, or somehow, at some point, she is disappointed or lets him down so badly that she can't get on the right foot with him. I dont know. WebIn essence one spouse assumes the parent position while the other spouse assumes the child position. I learned about this from the renowned shaman Rud Iand. He should look at the lists of narcissistic traits and tactics on the internet. I think growing up in abusive households like this where youre raised with the idea that you have no boundaries, it becomes really hard for him to set any now. Give him a break, sounds like he's a caring individual. Where is his dad? This happened about 6 months into us dating. 2023byTango Publishing Corporation All Rights Reserved. But is your boyfriend just a bit of a mommas boy or is he really codependent? He's got many female friends, which could be fodder for jealousy, and he isn't quick to commit, but when he does commit, he's pretty taken in with the love interest he has chosen. For example: Im worried about our relationship because I feel like my happiness and our happiness is put second to your moms., I feel like you have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep your mom happy.. Once youve identified the problems, its time to talk to your boyfriend. 9 years old asking help of older brother with food is nothing outrageous either. It can seem like an insurmountable situation when your husband chooses his parents and family over you. Your boyfriend is an older sibling so mom is dependent on him to help. I've mentioned other things to my boyfriend before like "She shouldn't be asking you to help with the delivery. I read a book that talks about this from Steve Harvey. Pros and cons. With us being on lockdown, much of our communication is over the phone like many, and he cant even have a phone conversation without his mom interjecting in the conversation, yelling in the background constantly, or demanding him to come to her service. At the same time, and adult should have the right to negotiate how much time they are contributing and how to get time for themselves. It will not get better. I wonder if the phone call thing was just the mom asking her kid something. Otherwise youre setting yourself up for heartache. The brothers asking him for permission is on the line and red flag of a problem. Before pregnancy we hardly ever heard from his mom- my boyfriend and her barley have a relationship. Find a reasonable compromise. Obviously, everything does not have to be done as a family. Before he makes any big decisions, he consults her to That's not the right approach -- he already has too much of that in his life. If youve tried to tell him how you feel many times now, and it keeps falling on deaf ears, it is probably time to move on. See additional information. In my 2 years engaged it hasnt got Any better. My jaw dropped and I got the hibbi jibbies at the whole younger siblings calling him daddy. If your spouse has a great relationship with his mom, be happy This means that any major decision he makes will be predicated on what she wants and not what you two want as a couple. Instead, if you want to pursue this relationship, you should be as un-demanding as possible. You are never going to get him to change this, and you can't change this. That's definitely not normal. Overall things will only change if your boyfriend tries to change things if all he does is make excuses then hes always going to be in this situation. by I doubt it's going to change any time soon. To my knowledge, he hasnt had a girlfriend since (5 years later). 1) accept he'll never change and that's the life he decided to lead 2) wait for him to change. Have you felt your life is being strongly impacted by his mother or their relationship together? WebIf Your Partner Ever Says These 20 Things, You Should Break Up. Sorry you have to deal with a woman like that. You don't work there!" 7 signs youre in a relationship with a genuinely good person, 10 signs youre in a relationship with a trustworthy person, 9 heart-warming habits of couples who stay madly in love, finally offered an actual, practical solution, The power of kindness: 10 habits of genuinely caring individuals, If you exhibit these 10 traits, you have a truly adventurous personality, 11 common words that make you sound less confident (and how to replace them). Mom treats him like her husband. We dated for a few years and it progressively got worse. He's a 22-year-old man. WebHere are a few signs experts say may mean your partner was raised by a toxic mom, as well as what you both can do about it. did he have a specific plan for moving out? Honestly. She will most likely make up lies or rumors to turn him against you and refocus on her. Either way, this behavior will continue for a long time and if it isn't something that Op can accept, then that's OK and a very valid reason to end the relationship. My psychologist told me that it's normal for people to have certain things unresolved with our parents, like a mother who doesn't know her boundaries and doesn't treat her son as a SON. Step 3 if he does recognise the dysfunction and want to change things, he's going to have to put up boundaries with his mum. It's a little annoying. Either be a decent human being and help your partner or dump him cause he deserves better. So many ridiculous referrals to justnoMIL when this girl isnt even physically dating this guy; just talking to him on the phone. Yet despite how much of an effect it has on our life, were not able to change it alone. It's not normal, but it is common in households without a parent figure for the oldest sibling to step into a parent-like role. I do agree with others that he needs to set boundaries, but when you're in a family where you're needed it's hard to find motivation to hang out with a girl who's mad at him for not giving her his undivided attention. WebWithdraw some of your wifely Character. While watching, I felt like someone understood my struggles to find love for the first time and finally offered an actual, practical solution to creating the sort of relationship I really want. OP can't decide it for him. Remember: you are responsible for your own happiness. He is probably worried for what may happen to his brothers if he leaves as well. Its not husband-ey or incestuous at all. Quality time can be a deal breaker if you feel that need isnt being met. You have a man who is not threatened by women but stimulated by them. And not just about what he will or wont do in the futurebut do you even want to be in a relationship with this guy? 1- Does he see it as an issue? Juliana Mei Please recognize the situation and free yourself before youre in too deep. You're already feeling neglected, and I've found that when huge issues like this are present this early in a relationship, they simply never go away, regardless of how much things may change in the future. BIG MISTAKE. And he'll be even more trapped because she will be 15 years older, needing even more help, and have become more helpless in the meantime. It's great he cares for his family though it does suck to always feel like you're an afterthought even though it isnt his intention. The parent partner typically nags, prods, controls, dictates, scolds, and makes most of the decisions. What if you love someone and let them go? That will make it so difficult. Honestly I was expecting this to be like he cuts her grass every weekend or some shit. Worthwhile work, but will he do it? Your boyfriend has always been very close to his mom. Maybe the house is really stressed right now because of the quarantine. It isn't the healthiest solution but it was all he could do to get out of that terrible situation, and that only seemed possible because of our relationship. Your partner might come to resent you for taking on a controlling role in your relationship. That can be annoying. My bf was kinda the same and it was a thing I discussed in therapy. He holds a grudge at any and all costs, so involving yourself with him would mean catering to his needs. It is NOT a life this man should want, but he has to decide that. Look depending on how much you like this guy, you have two options. Sounds like he's obv invested more in his fam (but, moms fault, his too). Then you'll know if he does have any desire to change things. Its a tough decision, but it likely wont get better. WebMy point is, a woman like your boyfriends mother will become very jealous of you. They should call him by his real name and know he's their brother (but thats not something you can control). He shouldn't fix whatever is happening at home to give YOU full attention, you should want him to fix it for his sake and his happiness and mental health, and not just so you could get talk to him whenever you want it. Maybe he wont. There's no guarantee if it will happen or when, but you have to take this path with that on mind and 3) let him go, it's OK if you don't want to deal with this BS. Your boyfriend is delusional and if he kept insisting instead of supporting I would make him wait in the waiting room. RELATED:How To Handle In-Laws Who Don't Like You (For The Sake Of Your Relationship). Just saying, if he seems worth it, maybe trying to nudge him in the right direction will benefit you both. Old enough to make simple meals for themselves, but they're kids. Is this part of the relationship you can accept? She went up to bed and cried herself to sleep. As far as I can tell, she's a single mom supporting three kids on a business she's running alone. I'd say that he might like it. He may not see it, or he may see it and he may not want to change things at home. Believe it or not, the answer is contained in the relationship you have with yourself. It was very unusual for me to see. When he was at home he rarely had time for me as it was always about his mum. I'm free to tell him when I feel like she's crossing a line with him and he doesn't feel attacked or anything, because we're a team and he knows I just want him to be free to be himself, not because I want him for myself. If you find yourself at your wits end, it may be time to think about walking away. Im sorry OP, I hope Im wrong and it works out, but I truly think this type of person is toxic and will ruin your relationship. ), and then everything became a competition, which both he and she were fine with me losing. A mom who lives locally might lack the physical if he doesn't think it's a problem, if he hasn't adjusted his call/time scheduling boundaries after you've asked him repeatedly, then he's not willing to be the partner you need right now. Now if you just like this guy but you're happy to throw in the towel, cut your losses now. You can suggest that he tries to create some clearer boundaries between them. Mum interrupting calls isn't on but it's (too) common and the rest is just him helping out his single mum who is running a business with two kids at home during a global pandemic. He always said she never had a problem with me it was just their culture but eventually it became clear that this wasnt what i wanted. Is she going to the extreme? Watch out! If your boyfriend can see how things between him and his mom are having a negative affect on their (and your) lives, it will be easier for him to make changes and get the right support he needs. I wonder if mom allows it because he is a "father figure" to them. Go with your gut here. Plus I can imagine this is really frustrating for your relationship as well. He sounds like a really stand up guy; you see the things he's doing as flaws, but I would be so grateful to have a BF who makes that kind of effort to help his family. This means setting boundaries around your time together and perhaps how involved she is in your life. You are so young and don't need to deal with this. The people I know who were trapped at 22 with families like this still are, and have often lost all their money along the way. My point is, a woman like your boyfriends mother will become very jealous of you. If you guys have only been dating months, I'd say either break up, or go on a break. All positives, no? he needs to start standing up to his mom and I don't know how much further I want to take this conversation with him. This is where youll need to be as honest as possible, but still, be mindful of how you approach the conversation. WebWhen a man has a close and healthy relationship with his mom, it usually indicates that he's capable of vulnerability and intimacy and it makes me hope that he can model other It took distancing herself, and accepting the fact that she wasnt supposed to be my mom before she fully got to setting boundaries to my mom who wasnt taking care of me and was expecting her to. Like she demands him to go to the grocery store weekly (and complains about him eating certain things and wants him to pay her back etc), makes him go to other stores to fetch her products for her business when she could easily do it herself? He will say hes seeking balance when really he will villainize his partners as they push him to advocate for himself and for their relationship. She hasnt met the family, interacted with them in any way or even been to the house. RELATED: 15 Definitive Signs You're With A Good Man (As Written By One). Well he finally did, and cut ties (very long time coming) with her completely. This past year I've watched as a friend's mom turned on her, threw her out, and decided that she was the cause of all the mom's trouble. Life is different during this pandemic. If hes not reaching his potential, he has only himself to blame. It will reveal quite a bit about who he is as a person or, at the very least, how he relates to his romantic partners. WebIf he befriends his mother yet can speak out if she upsets him, you have a confident man on your hands. 23. An adult living with his parent should be taking on a share of household duties and/or contributing financially. Now her sibling is being taken in as the new golden child while she has been thrown out on her ass with no savings, a crap work history, a series of broken relationships, and nothing to show for her time since high school. Every time you pull him away she will find a way to pull him back. Before you get honest with him, you need to be honest with yourself. Web4.3K views, 34 likes, 0 loves, 4 comments, 6 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Hoa: You, Me & My Ex Seson 2 - Episole 2 - Un-ex-pected News - Full Episole Are you the other woman to a guy whose wife and kids keep interrupting him? I'd get out now before you invest any more time into this relationship. The first few months in a relationship are the foundation upon which you build the rest of it. If the lack of time spent together is a deal breaker for you, then it can be. If hes not willing to see how unhealthy this is, you should cut your losses and walk away, because women who do things like this to their sons never, ever want to let go. I feel like the amount of time you spend with your mom impacts our relationship together. Our website services, content and products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. May 1, 2023, 8:04 pm, by If you have a strained relationship with your family, seeing It just means you both are looking for different things and offer different things. The fact that she's interrupting phone calls sounds like an easy thing to fix, how often are you on the phone, is it scheduled or random? how often does he think he would be running errands or spending time with his family once he moves out? Also, his siblings should NOT be calling him "Daddy"- that's just fucked up and weird. And for the record, getting his act together is his responsibility not his mothers. This girl has said they are only dating through phone calls. It stops being anywhere near reasonable when his own brothers are calling him Daddy That is fucked up. If these are happening randomly at random times during busy hours it doesn't seem unreasonable that there are interruptions. If you like operating under the radar, this dude is the one for you. But we spoke about it. You need to talk to your boyfriend again and let him know that her attachment isn't healthy, and that it's putting a strain on your relationship. It's also fairly normal for older children, e.g. He tends to be a sneaky and crafty person, taking all kinds of risks and usually succeeding at them, but if you're involved with him, you'll have to get involved in his little escapades, which can get old quickly. You can do better than a mama's boy. Meanwhile, she merely had to state what she needed and her husband would have Theres one thing to say people grow and change naturally, but you shouldnt marry someone hoping you can change them, or that they WILL change because of dating/marriage. I'm not going to argue whether it is his duty to help his family in this way or whether this is emotional incest or parentification. Take a look at r/justnomil to see how unfortunately common this type of problem is. WebSpend quality time with your spouse and your mother separately. Of course she relies on your boyfriend to help out around the house and help control the kids. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else has said, many thave said it well. But then again your boyfriend isnt acting normal either but in a way you you cant blame him when hes been conditioned his whole life like this. That is called contributing since he is a grown man still living at home. In my opinion I think both sides are wrong. I feel it makes it worse for him that his siblings are so young as well. Thats a really hard place to be in, 10x harder with a fussy partner who isnt empathizing. His problems may be fixable, but that doesn't mean he will fix them or that it's your job to wait around to find out. A lot of families are like this. Right now hes just fulfilling his responsibility. That is a lot of lifelong work for him. Far too often we fall into codependent roles of savior and victim to try to fix our partner, only to end up in a miserable, bitter routine. If you do decide to stay help him realize that what his mother's asking of him is not normal, it's not his job and he doesn't own her a thing. BF sounds like a responsible dude. He's already married to his mother he's her sonsband. So he is trying to get free of his mother and live his own life. He enjoys romantic partnerships and loves the thrill of an argument, so if you are a bit passive or not confident, he will not be the one for you. Recognizing when youre being abused when its the norm for you is so difficult. It means knowing what you will and wont tolerate. It's the first person he had a close and connected relationship with (in most cases) and is, in many circumstances, the person who shaped his values and outlook on the world. Also, he's afraid if he tells her how he feels, he will either upset her or get more flack from her. May 1, 2023, 5:07 am. Our partners problems so easily impact us. It can happen between parents and children, siblings, partners, friends, etc. or did family things get in the way? The disentanglement there would require tact and likely some degree of willingness and/or acceptance from all parties. As Rud explains in this mind blowing free video, love is not what many of us think it is. Sure he will. I couldnt imagine a future with him because of his mum because it seemed no matter what I did or what we were doing she was always an issue. I don't understand why you two aren't spending time together. This is the best comment in the thread. Tell him how you feel about this creepy relationship when you leave and he might start thinking about it, but you are not going to change him. The content produced by YourTango is for informational and educational purposes only. that could be your future if you stay in this relationship. Look up "enmeshment" and "emotional incest." But the more empathy you can show toward him the better. Think about how stressed his mom must be; she's working, AND she's raising two boys under the age of 13 as a single mom, AND they're all cooped up inside. So I very much second that he needs to recognise it as a problem, otherwise it will continue how it is and OP will have to be the increasingly accommodating one. Is this normal? Time for you to move on since you admittedly can't handle this. He is so deep in the FOG. It's the same escenario, a woman taking control of his life and telling him what to do. It sounds like a family working together to get through a pandemic and a terrible time. In any case, you and he are very young, It is perfectly valid to say, "You're a nice guy but this relationship isn't right for me." What does she think family is for, if not going grocery shopping once a week to lighten the load lol. The only way for him to set a boundary at this point is leaving the house so he no longer has to do these things. We all have very different family dynamics. I honeslty worried that he never would break the cycle. I am not her responsibility. She decided that was me trying to pull a fast one on her??? The two younger boys calling him daddy is not culturally normal but it sounds like he's the father figure in their life and I assume this comes from them seeing their friends with their father figure. He is 22, time to leave the nest. Once youve started a free-flowing dialogue, it will hopefully be easier to voice your concerns about the nature of their relationship and whether it has codependent elements to it. So we saw it accordingly for a long time. I just wanted more quality conversations. If he befriends his mother yet can speak out if she upsets him, you have a confident man on your hands. does his mom know that's his goal? It doesn't matter whether he loves men or women a man's relationship with his mother will create severe lines and crevices in his personality. The mom not respecting privacy when he calls with you is problem too. This guy has a chip on his shoulder that is so big; it amazes people that he can walk through the door. His mother uses guilt, silent treatment, and passive-aggressiveness as a weapon. Its like he wants to marry a copy of his own mother. You asked us if this relationship is worth it. He is with her often, and while she doesn't call the shots, he is constantly touching base with her. Yes, but it might take his being dumped by a series of girlfriends for him to get it. It can be incredibly challenging to change this dynamic though, as it has likely been long ingrained. It's understandable if he can't right now, but you two need to have a candid discussion about what each of you needs, and are able to provide each other right now. To me, that is an exhibition of how he's going to step up in the future if he gets married/has kids. WebIf your boyfriend can see how things between him and his mom are having a negative affect on their (and your) lives, it will be easier for him to make changes and get the right support did he plan dates and was he reliable about showing up when he said he would? Girl!!! He might change in the long run; will he change if he doesn't see that romantic partners won't put up with it? The golden rule when bringing up tricky and confrontational conversations is always to use I feel language. You have to remember to take care of yourself. I'm not sure we or even OP can tackle that part, unless she just says to the bf "You realize this is fucking weird, right?" Him for not letting his mom actually do the parenting that she is supposed to do because it's her responsibility in the end. He is a 22 year old adult that still lives at home. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. I had an ex very similar to how OP describes, for the first year I noticed how close he and his mother were but made excuses for it internally and thought we all managed quite well - I visited her and his sister a bunch of times alone while my ex was deployed and all seemed fine. Now though hes transitioning more into adulthood its time that he learns how to separate himself from his mom his mom is not healthy shes toxic and if anything shes emotionally and physically stunting him by not letting him grow up and he should. Recognize that he literally has to a) see this as a problem b) realize he is in control c) WANT to change d) actually change. It is, but I'm not convinced thats entirely true/as it sounds (maybe they do it to wind him up, like sarcastically if he's not letting them do something) since nothing else sounds out of the ordinary. His mom was in the middle of cooking taco beef. Thats just downright weird. But I was surprised to see the weekly shopping as example of being like husband. This is especially true if youre trying to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner while dealing with his unhealthy relationship with his mother. By Laura Lifshitz Updated on Feb 16, 2023. These behaviors arent mutually exclusive, of course; my own mother was dismissive, combative, unreliable, and self-involved by turns. If he can't see an issue with the way things are with his mom and his brothers, then he's gonna end up a 50-year-old momma's boy bachelor. Period. Robot Astrologer She probably overheard them say something like "okay Dad" like we say to our friends when they start acting like a parent. Instead of resenting this, feel happy that your husband feels for his mother and wants to give her the best. May 1, 2023, 6:36 am, by 1 They're A True People Pleaser Andrew Zaeh for Bustle It's He has great respect for women and is eager to hear his partner's opinion, but he's also immature and unable to call the shots on his own. If your only looking to date and fool around you might be better suited finding someone who isn't raising 3 kids. The brother thing is likely because they're so young. The Dad thing is definitely weird but if Im being honest OP comes off sounding a bit entitled. That will make his options clear to him. Also check out r/justnomil to talk to people who married people in your partner's situation. If youre done with unsatisfying or frustrating relationships and having your hopes dashed over and over, then this is a message you need to hear. The "weirdest" thing here is the brothers call him daddy, but we don't know their situation, do we? Does he spend a lot of time avoiding his mother, not because he's a forgetful man but because she creates anxiety or distress for him? And I dont see it ever progressing to us moving in together. But dont put your feelings to the side either because resentment will only build up. But he will just try to balance both and fail unless he actually misses out on his own life because of his acceptance that this is just his life. But I don't think you two are a good match either way if this is such an issue for you. Web167 likes, 15 comments - JJ Heller (@jjhellermusic) on Instagram: "Graduation season is almost upon us! He'll probably make a great dad because he has lots of practice. WebHis mother treats him like a baby and he is 30. But you pushing it into him won't work out. He is close to his mom, but she doesn't dictate his life. He always mentions if it werent for the virus he was suppose to be moved out but even then.. He should be able to have an hour uninterrupted to himself daily because he IS NOT THEIR PARENT OR HIS MOM'S PARTNER. Unless you call for hours she should wait till he finishes. Thats fine, but I dont think I can continue with him as he already has so much responsibility and is almost never free to give me his full attention. He is 22 years old and fully capable of downsizing his mother's place in his life to make room for you and other adult pursuits. His father left before he hit double digits, and she never married or as much as had another man around since. As she told me we have 3 options. We can't tell you that, but you need to think about if things would be different if he lived out of that house. Youll never be able to find such a gem of a person who is willing to take such responsibility. Sometimes, when someone is in denial, theyre so caught up in their own issues that they dont even realize theyre hurting themselves and those around them. Ive noticed this pattern since we started dating and its become clear to me that his mom is way too dependent on him for EVERYTHING. but it's not normal that he's can't take a set amount of time to have a private call. I feel for him. Yes, this man will dote on you and spoil you. It melted the plastic bag. Let him spend time with her alone. It sounds like OP is blessed enough in her family to not have had to step up and take on other responsibilities within the family. It doesnt sound like she has even met his family or been to the house. The two of them might well benefit from some counseling about how to transition their relationship from parent/teenager to parent/adult.

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